Our solution to arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh is the installation of DRAM purification units on contaminated water wells. This powerful new technology effectively removes arsenic and other contaminants from groundwater at a high volume with limited upkeep required.

Dr. Cassidy has been using this novel technology to treat industrially contaminated water in the United Kingdom, having demonstrated its ability to effectively remove arsenic and a broad range of metal and organic contaminants from wastewater and groundwater.

Thank to its efficiencylow cost and sustainability, DRAM technology has the potential to have a real impact. DRAM is less expensive to manufacture than existing solutions and operates using gravity, requiring no electricity or fuel, and is therefore much less likely to fail. Unlike other water purification options which demand high weekly maintenance, DRAM units need a simple cleaning every 4 to 5 months.

The stainless steel DRAM unit is placed on a pre-existing arsenic-contaminated well. Their durable construction has a minimum 25 year life span.