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The Best Air Quality Comes from the Best Air Purifier

The air quality that tends to be bad in urban areas and poor air circulation in the house is of course not good for health. You and your family certainly want better air quality when you are indoors. Therefore, it is important for you to have an air purifier at home, especially for those of you who live in an environment with poor air quality.

To find out how to choose the best air purifier and the best air purifier brand that suits your needs and budget, this article discusses:

  1. The importance of having an air purifier and its best benefits
  2. How to Choose the Best Air Purifier
    • Has HEPA filters.
    • Adjust to the size of the room.
    • Choose the type of air purifier based on where it is installed.
    • Has a large air volume.
    • Has a dust and odor sensor feature.
  1. Best AC Brand Recommendations
    • Best air purifier recommendation: Honeywell
    • Best air purifier recommendation: Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier
    • Best air purifier recommendation: Hitachi
    • The best air purifier recommendation: Daikin
    • Best air purifier recommendation: Samsung
    • Best air purifier recommendation: Panasonic
    • Best air purifier recommendation: Sharp

1. The Importance of Having an Air Purifier and Its Best Benefits

The use of an air purifier for those of you who are left in urban areas is non-negotiable. Air purifier is a tool that works to improve air quality to be cleaner, pure, and pollution free. This is the best benefit you can get by having an air purifier at home. It is portable and not too heavy, so you can move the air purifier to another room so that the air in all rooms in the house is better.

In this increasingly sophisticated era, one air purifier product is equipped with a humidifier and diffuser. So, what’s the difference between an air purifier and a humidifier, and a diffuser? A humidifier is a device for humidifying the air that works by spraying water vapor into the air within normal limits. Humidifiers are suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms where the air is dry, so you can avoid problems such as dry skin, chapped lips, dry eyes, runny nose, and others.

Meanwhile, a diffuser is a tool that is usually smaller in size than an air purifier or humidifier. This tool works by adding essential oil to water, then diffusing it back into the air in the form of a fine mist to make the room cooler and cleaner. This tool can also relax you, depending on the function of the essential oil you add to the diffuser.

2. How to Choose the Best Air Purifier

Before deciding to buy an air purifier, first consider the specifications that the best air purifier must have. Here’s how to choose the best air purifier for your home.

a) Has a HEPA Filter

One of the best filters is High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) which is able to capture 99.97 of the smallest particles of 0.3 microns such as bacteria and viruses. If the air purifier is used every day for a long time, the HEPA filter should be replaced every 6 months. However, if the filter is not too dirty and doesn’t smell, you can replace it after 6 months.

b) Adjust to the area of the room

Air purifiers have several types based on coverage area, for example, some can cover an area of 21 m² to 62 m². However, there are also mini-sized air purifiers that cover more limited areas, such as air purifiers for cars. So, adjusting the area of the room to the capacity of the air purifier’s reach is very important so that the air purifier can work optimally.

c) Choose the type of air purifier based on where it is installed

According to My-best, there are three types of air purifiers based on where they are installed, namely:

  • Fan-type air purifiers

This tool filters, air using a fan inside the machine by pushing air into the filter, so that the air in the room is odor and dust free. The price is quite affordable and there are various models, making it easier for you to choose a product according to the size of the room. The sound is a bit noisy, but you can choose an air purifier that is equipped with a silent mode.

  • Electric-type air purifier

This air purifier works on static electricity and a filter inside the machine. This is what makes the electric-type air purifier work with a quiet voice. Plasma performance in this type can maintain air clarity for a long time, making it suitable for your room and your little one.

  • Generator ion-type air purifier

This air purifier works by producing negative ions to clean the air. After that, the negative ions will purify and neutralize odors in the air, so the air becomes fresher. Because of its small size, this air purifier is suitable for placing in cars and toilets.

d) Has a large air volume

The greater the air volume, the faster the air purifier’s ability to purify the air in your room. Air purifiers with large air volumes are also effective at filtering dust that is scattered around the house. If you are renovating your home or often open your windows, installing a large air volume air purifier will help clear dust quickly.

e) Has a dust and odor sensor feature

With the dust and odor sensor feature on the air purifier, if dust and odors spread in the room, the air purifier will automatically work optimally.

3. Best Air Purifier Brand Recommendations

Here are the best air purifier brands that you can easily find in online and offline stores. Some of these brands come with great filters, official warranties, and long-lasting quality.


Honeywell’s air purifier claims its product is different from other air purifiers. Among other things, it is able to clean a room with an area of 465 m² for the HPA300 air purifier and the HEPA filter lasts up to 3-5 years. Honeywell air purifiers are also known to be good for people with air allergies.

Xiaomi Mi

The Xiaomi air purifier is equipped with aerodynamic principles that are able to clean air pollution and viruses and is able to clean the air up to 406 m³ per hour (Clean Air Delivery Rate) with an effective range of 48 m². There is also a 4-duct dual-blower technology, which is capable of pumping clean air in every corner of the room.


Hitachi’s air purifier is equipped with an air humidity controller or humidifier filter that has four operating modes, namely purify, deodorization, humidity, and skin moisturized. In addition, this air purifier has the Allergy UK Seal of Approval which proves this product is suitable for those of you who have allergies. After switching on, dust, pollen, and allergen-causing particles are removed from the air with an air volume of up to 5 meters m³ per minute. Not only that, water sensor technology, memory function, dimmer control, up to max eco can save 36% of energy.


The advantage of the Daikin air purifier is that it has a unique streamer technology that can decompose harmful substances captured by the filter through an active plasma ion oxidation process, including decomposing viruses and bacteria until they are completely dead. In addition, this air purifier is equipped with a dust collector filter, a moist mode to keep the air moist, a turbo mode that is able to clean the air quickly, and a childproof lock to prevent children from playing with the air purifier.


Samsung released three types of air purifiers that have classy designs and look. The features are complete and even more sophisticated, this air purifier can be accessed via a smartphone to turn on the air purifier, check air quality, control various functions or modes, and even monitor the status of filter conditions.


What’s interesting about the Panasonic air purifier is that it has 3D circulation airflow technology, which works in two modes, namely the side airflow mode, which sucks in pollutants from two sides, and the mega catcher mode which cleans pollutants 30 cm from the floor. In addition, there is also the ECONAVI feature which will automatically turn on the purifier when pollution is very high and automatically turns off when pollution is low.


Sharp’s air purifier uses Plasmacluster technology, which is proven to be effective in preventing viruses and germs, thereby creating cleaner and healthier air. Plasmacluster technology produces positive ions and negative ions that exist in nature. The ions will turn into water and return to the air after purifying the air. This air purifier is also equipped with remote control technology that uses an application downloaded on a smartphone and has a choice of shapes and types.

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