6 Innovative Strategies to Boost Your Hydration and Rejuvenate Your Health

Boost Your Hydration and Rejuvenate Your Health

Ever found it challenging to consume the recommended daily intake of water, yet effortlessly polish off multiple cups of coffee, a sizeable iced tea, and a large soda? Rest assured, you’re in good company. A whopping 80% of the American population confesses to not drinking sufficient water, with a predominant reason being dissatisfaction with the flavor.

It’s an undeniable fact that a majority of Americans have a penchant for carbonated, sugary, and flavored beverages. Nonetheless, these added sugars – unlike the naturally occurring ones found in fruits and dairy products – provide no nutritional benefits, while paving the way for numerous health issues, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Water, on the flip side, offers myriad health benefits. It can enhance your mood, productivity, memory, energy levels, and mental clarity. So, how can we motivate ourselves to drink more of this life-giving fluid? The answer lies in making your water more palatable!

Six creative methods to make your water more enticing and enhance your hydration:

Explore Filtration

Explore Filtration

Most of us have experienced an ‘off’ taste in water, whether it’s an earthy, sulfurous, metallic, or chlorine-like taste. Such flavors often arise from algae, disinfectants, or minerals and, while generally harmless, can make your water less appealing to drink. Utilizing filtration technology helps ensure your water is free from sediment, chemicals, and unpleasant odors, thereby making it more enjoyable.

The beauty of this is that you no longer need to rely on bottled water for filtration. The market offers an abundance of filtration options, including faucet filter systems, pitchers, and dispensers. If you’re on the hunt for a filtered water dispenser, our brand offers top-notch bottle-less filtered water coolers.

Experiment with Carbonation

Who doesn’t love some fizz? Many people favor sparkling water over still water due to carbonation. It’s the carbonation that gives the water a bubbly, crisp taste, much like that found in soft drinks, but without the added sugar. If plain water doesn’t excite you enough to drink the recommended daily amount, give sparkling water a try. It’s crisp, refreshing, and satiating.

you no longer need to purchase bottled or canned seltzer water to experience the delightful fizz. There are numerous sparkling water devices, specifically designed for residential and commercial spaces. Take a look at our range of sparkling water dispensers to gather some inspiration.

Incorporate Flavors

In line with the rising health-conscious trends, numerous flavored waters are available in low or no-calorie, and low or no-added sugar versions. Some only contain natural flavors and are offered in both still and sparkling water variants.

In the past, bottled options were the norm, but recent innovations by beverage companies have changed that. Now, you can get flavored water from a bottle-less water cooler, similar to filtered and seltzer water. These machines allow for the mixing and matching of flavors, offering an experience akin to ordering a case of flavored water. With the possibility of customizing flavors, along with the availability of caffeine or other ‘boosters’, you’re sure to discover your perfect water variant!

Try Ice

Ice water is often said to taste better than water at room temperature. This is primarily because our taste buds react more vigorously to warm fluids. So, the colder the beverage, the milder the taste. Something as simple as adding ice to your water can make it more enjoyable. But remember, ice comes in different types!

Once you’ve figured out your preferred ice type, the next step is finding an ice machine that produces it. Whether you’re looking for bullet, half-cubed, or nugget ice, our brand has an ice machine tailored for your needs.

Infuse with Fruit

Citrus fruits like limes, oranges, and lemons, are classic water enhancers but don’t limit yourself. Crush fresh raspberries or watermelon into your water or add slices of strawberry. Even cucumber can offer a refreshing twist, particularly in the summer. This will not only sweeten your water with a fruity flavor but also give it a vibrant hue. Drinking infused water is also suitable for all activities such as waking up, and running in the morning even when you play slot online deposit dana for hours.

Mix in Herbs.

Adding herbs such as mint or crushed basil to your water is a fantastic way to enhance its flavor. Think of it as making a mojito but without the sugar and alcohol. Steep the leaves in the water overnight, and add a dash of fresh lemon or lime in the morning. Delicious!

With these six techniques to improve your water’s taste, meeting the recommended daily water intake should be a breeze. And remember, while enjoying your cup of coffee or glass of tea is perfectly fine, they should not replace water. If you find these ideas appealing but are strapped for time, our brand’s water cooler might be the ideal all-in-one solution for you.

Experience Hydrate+

Hydrate+ brings to you filtered water coolers capable of delivering hot, cold, and room temperature water; sparkling water; flavored water; and ice. Yes, you heard it right, four out of the six hydration-boosting methods can be achieved through a single dispenser. Say goodbye to the hassle of carbonating and flavoring your water manually. All you need is a Hydrate+ water cooler! Explore our product finder to identify the perfect machine to match your needs.

Understanding Seltzer Water: Transitioning to a Sparkling Water Dispenser

Understanding Seltzer Water

Effervescent water has graduated from being merely an office luxury to an essential component in workplaces spanning various sectors. The reason? The truth is that most employees don’t consume sufficient water during their work hours, and a sugary afternoon soda only exacerbates issues like dehydration and lethargy.

Fortunately, well-chosen sparkling water can serve as a crisp and invigorating substitute for plain water, potentially increasing hydration levels among your staff. Keep reading to gain comprehensive insights into seltzer water and other carbonated beverages that you might contemplate providing for your workforce, visitors, and patrons.

Everything You Need To Know About Seltzer Water

Before we delve into the advantages of carbonated drinks and the potential drawbacks of depending on bottled or canned alternatives, let’s familiarize ourselves with seltzer water. What precisely is seltzer water, and how does it differentiate itself from other types of effervescent water? In simple terms, seltzer water is basic water that’s been carbonated by injecting carbon dioxide gas under pressure. If you’ve come across terms like carbonated water or sparkling water, they are virtually interchangeable with seltzer water.

However, common carbonated water variants known as club soda or tonic water differ slightly. Club soda is carbonated using pressurized carbon dioxide, much like seltzer water, but it also contains potassium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate, imparting a subtly saltier flavor. Tonic water stands out because it includes quinine, implying that it may carry sugar and could inadvertently boost calorie intake.

Can Seltzer Water Hydrate You Like Regular Water?

Exciting news for seltzer enthusiasts – according to the New York Times, dietitians confirm that carbonated water provides hydration comparable to that of regular water. Given that these drinks utilize the same foundational ingredient as regular water and help to enhance daily water consumption, effervescent beverages are gaining traction in workplaces as a method to promote hydration.

The Issue with Packaged Carbonated Beverages

While the concept of promoting water consumption at work with enticing carbonated drink options might be appealing, certain potential challenges arise if your organization decides to choose bottled or canned seltzer water.

The primary problem isn’t with the seltzer water itself, whether plain or flavored, but the packaging it’s presented in. Research reveals that both plastic bottles and the internal lining of beverage cans harbor the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA), which can infiltrate drinking water and have adverse effects on long-term health. BPA exposure is now commonplace from various sources (e.g., water, food, and consumer goods) and has become a significant public health issue. According to the JAMA Network, BPA can be detected in over 90% of urine samples from the general U.S. population.

Prolonged exposure to this chemical could result in health consequences such as:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Impaired endocrine functionality
  • Triggered cardiac arrhythmias
  • Expedited atherosclerosis
  • Increased risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease

Thankfully, bottles and cans are not the sole means of providing your employees, guests, and customers with their favorite flavors of refreshing sparkling water. Continue reading to understand why more businesses are opting for bottleless drinking water solutions.

Why You Should Consider a Bottle-Free Sparkling Water Dispenser

For those enticing bubbles that make hydrating at work a bit more thrilling — devoid of the health hazards related to BPA exposure from primary packaging — many organizations are transitioning to bottle-free sparkling water dispensers. Carbonated water from a bottleless cooler eradicates the use of plastic bottles and aluminum cans entirely, whilst promoting hydration in the workplace.

Enhancing water consumption at work can catalyze multiple benefits for both your employees’ well-being and your overall business performance, such as:

  • Elevating energy levels
  • Mitigating fatigue and headaches
  • Amplifying cognitive abilities and concentration
  • Promoting feelings of joy
  • Enhancing productivity and efficacy

Find the Perfect Bottle-Free Cooler for Your Work Environment

When your business is set to elevate tap water with sparkling water systems, Quench® is here to assist. Quench presents water-as-a-service solutions, delivering filtered tap water through an extensive range of bottle-free machines.

Explore our array of sparkling water dispensers, encompassing plain sparkling water machines and our Bevi machine, which serves flavored sparkling water as required. Additionally, organizations can further foster hydration with a combined still and sparkling water machine, furnishing businesses with an uninterrupted supply of either. Using just a single Quench bottle-free sparkling water dispenser can empower your enterprise to:

  • Promote workplace hydration
  • Prevent over 7,000 single-use plastic bottles from ending up in landfills each year
  • Deter employees from consuming beverages with added sugar

With our breadth of choices, nationwide coverage, and consistently superior service quality, our water services are crafted to deliver the distinctive water solutions your workplace requires. Utilize our product finder to identify the machine best suited for your workplace requirements, or request a free quote to begin.